Fabio Capoccia

Fabio Capoccia was born in Pitigliano, Italy in 1986. He gained degrees in both the Humanities and Modern Philology from the University of Siena, and in 2013 he was awarded a research doctorate in Italian Studies from the La Sapienza University in Rome. In 2016, he obtained a Diploma in Archival Studies from the Vatican School of Palaeography, Diplomatic and Archival Studies. He is currently teacher in humanities at Italian secondary school.Capoccia lives and works between Tuscany and Rome.
In 2015/2016, Capoccia was involved in the selection and installation of his artwork for the Contemporary Art Collection of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs [MAE Contemporary Art Collection]. Among Capoccia’s most recent exhibitions, we note May-day (May 2017) exhibited in the entrance hall of the San Niccolò University Palace in Siena and Ludomagno (June 2017 – sponsored by MIBACT, Regione Lazio and Comune di Roma) exhibited in the Angelica Library / Gallery, in Rome.Art for Capoccia is a need. A need to create. Create to exist. It has inserted itself into everyday life and it stems mostly from the human relationships that determine it.To paint means to create. It is the act in which and for which one is. A process, I believe, of creating a sign, a semiological act. Through this alphabet, you can produce a shape that i believe is nothing more than the creative process itself or, more specifically, what drives me to paint.My work is heterogeneous, to use a defining term. It testifies to a creative process developed over the years and therefore not easily cataloged in sections. There are cycles of portraits, self-portraits, social and historical themes in a diachrony that is, however, always necessarily actualizable.

“Works d ‘art for revalue in time …”

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