Guido Ricci Masè

Guido Masè Ricci  likes to define himself just a carpenter, an artisan who puts passion in their work. However the handcrafted works performed by Guido go well beyond this definition. Starting from its artistic studies, he discovered a natural talent for arts. When he began to shape the iron, he was really surprised by the ductility of this element and from what it can create. Guido is really an artist. While creating , he starts from a broad outline idea, which in the course of work can evolve until to upset the nature of the object itself. The result is therefore the creation of a unique handcrafted work that transcends the cold and inanimate nature of the metal itself, changing it into an object that generates emotions. The artist declared  the reaction of the people, and in particular the amazement of the children , fully payed him back for his work . In addition to the wrought iron, in his artistic laboratory Guido creates important sculptures in tuff, and his brilliance and imagination led him to create pieces that are always different, ranging from modern and unusual solutions, untill  more classical and traditional works. The mosaicsmade by Guido represent an element that often becomes the glue among the various techniques, refining a simple piece or making it unique and original. Currently, in the homes of lovers of Modern Art, italians and foreigners, some important creations of Guido’s collection are proudly exhibited.

“Works d ‘art for revalue in time …”

Art made Italy, presents some unique creations:

Vespa Special
Vespa Spider