Pier Luigi Berni

Sovana, an ancient Center of Etruscan origin, whose origins date back to (280 BC). From the 5th century, an important Episcopal Center, destined to expand in the middle ages, under the control of the Aldobrandeschi family. Nowadays Sovana is a wonderful perfectly preserved village lost among olive groves and the Etruscan necropolis, in the heart of Tuscany, located in the charming area of Città del Tufo, obligatory stop for touring these places. It is here that the artist-craftsman Pier Luigi Berni created his laboratory, a place of huge emotions and reworking of the story, and that is where they are created, refined and unique works, amazingly detailed, Greek-Etruscan inspired. Define copies is at least an understatement.  Referring to the ancient techniques of the past, and personalized with the search of a fusion between what is typically Greek and what is typically Etruscan, Pier Luigi Berni works are real artistic memorabilia. Those who were lucky enough to see live, and tap into their own hands these unique productions (vases, cups, oinochoe, kantharos, stamnos, craters, skyphos, kylix), struggle to believe, whether it’s crafts, such is the sophistication of particular, the stroke smooth, precise incisions.  Unique pieces from the collection, valued and in demand all over the world, from America to England from Germany to Kazakhstan, From Japan to Russia. The Creations of Pier Luigi Berni represent the high quality Italian craftsmanship.

“Works d ‘art for revalue in time …”

Art made Italy, presents some unique creations:

Guerrieri con biga
Ettore sfida Achille e Atena
Scena di battaglia con biga
Animali mitologici
Oinochoe Creature Mitologiche
Dionisio con Ermes e Satiri
Dionisio e Satiri
Rappresentazione di vita
Il gallo nel Sole
Il Vino dei Satiri
Ercole con i guerrieri